Motivation letter

Your motivation letter should address issues below in the following order:


1) Why are you interested in the field of information technology (IT)?

2) Why did you choose Estonia and IT College for your future studies?

3) What are the reasons for you to choose a career in cyber security?

4) Do you work? For how long and in which field?

5) Name the programming languages in which you have written at least 1000 lines of code.

6) Name the operating systems that you have installation experience with.

7) Describe your previous experience and competencies related to IT  – e.g.  your works and projects, skills you have mastered at training courses or by yourself, online IT courses you have passed, free and open-source software projects you have participated in, list of Github, Bitbucket and other social coding repositories, etc.

8) If you do not have previous IT experience, please show your motivation by participating in at least one online course about programming, such as Codecademy Python
Once you have passed the course, please add a screenshot of your profile data showing the level of the passed course.

9) List your achievements in other fields, e.g. participating in contests in Mathematics and Physics.

10) Write about your interests and social activities.