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IT College – not only for IT geeks or a common trend

04. Jul 2013  News Press Releases

Student of IT College, entrepreneur
IT system development, 1st year

I graduated from Tallinn University when, in connection with my job, I had an idea to start IT studies and naturally the first choice was IT College – Estonian biggest higher educational institution focusing on information technology area. Although I had earlier not dealt much with real sciences and I even did not choose mathematics for a final exam during my upper secondary school studies, I successfully entered the college and started the change of direction.

To my surprise, also many of my fellow students had earlier studied some other specialty or worked in a different area. Year by year also more and more girls study in the college and I can assuredly state that IT geek stereotype is starting to vanish – IT is not any more for guys with ponytails. IT College has understood it and studies start from the very beginning – there is no any kind of assumption about previous knowledge or skills. When there is readiness and motivation to make efforts – anyone can learn the selected specialty. The curriculum also considers the ones who want to obtain education beside their main job – every interested person can find a suitable option from distant learning to external studies.

IT – another passing trend?

When I mentioned to one of my acquaintances that I am going to study IT, I heard a reply like, “Oh, you are following the trend…” This made me think – I myself remember outbreaks and falls of at least three educational trends: journalism, law studies and economy/business administration. When to compare those specialties to increasing IT specialty trend, there is one big difference – in all those indicated areas Estonia has clearly limited number of working places. Or, when our educational system creates thousands of new journalists, lawyers or businessmen, it soon creates lack of working places (it already has happened in several areas) which in turn forces several to change the profession or in worst case to leave the country.

According to the data of Information Technology and Telecommunications Association, Estonian IT sector lacks approx 14,000 IT specialists and even if all those people were currently found, the need for new IT people would increase even faster since lots of global IT companies have had to narrow their activities due to shortage of labor force. No other area has earlier had such a high deficit of educated specialists.

The further career of IT College graduates also proves the high need for IT specialists – a survey of 2012 among the alumni of IT College shows that as much as 99% of graduates use the obtained knowledge at their jobs and none of the respondents were seeking for a job at the moment of the survey.

Although the beginning is not so simple, I can currently positively say that when I can do it, all the others with sufficient motivation and enthusiasm can do it! In addition to internationally recognized IT college education I have discovered great atmosphere, enjoyable collective and very versatile student body in the college. My first year in the college has given sufficient inspiration to practice my knowledge professionally in the area of mobile phone applications.


This article was published in the 30 May 2013 additional paper of Postimees “Institution of professional higher education Extra“