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Defence of Diploma Theses at TTÜ IT College 4-7 June 2018

Defence of Diploma Theses will take place on 4-7 June at TTÜ IT College on the following curricula: IT Systems Administration, IT Systems Development, Information Systems Analysis and for the first time on English language based curriculum Cyber Security Engineering. A live broadcast of the Defence of Diploma Theses will also be available on IT College website at


Tuesday, 5 June at 9.00-12.00, room 217, curriculum Cyber Security Engineering
Chairman of the Defence Committee: Valdo Praust
The Defence Committee: Aleksei Talisainen, Kaido Kikkas, Toomas Lepikult

  • Security Monitoring Solutions by the Example of Baltic Computer Systems AS
    Mohanad Aly Hassan Ali Elsafty
  • Extendable Botnet for IT College Lab
    Etienne Iotefa Marie Barrier
  • A Cyber Security Training Module for Healthcare Workers
    Sheela Gowry Sumathi Raju
  • Protecting Windows Privileged Accounts
    Lộc Phan Văn


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