TTÜ IT Kolledž kuulub TTÜ infotehnoloogia teaduskonna koosseisu.


Cisco Network Academy is a set of E-Learning courses devoted to teaching students the basics in networking. Theses courses can only be taught at regional or local Cisco Network Academies.

IT College is a Cisco Regional Network Academy for Estonia.

The IT College offers the Cisco networking courses from spring 2002. These courses are taught in English.

The college also helps to set up local academies throughout Estonia. Teachers, who will teach the Cisco network courses, will be instructed at the IT College first and will then be teaching the courses at their own schools.

Those students that complete all four semesters and then pass the final test with a grade of 80% or better, will be issued a certificate. This certificate indicates that the student is a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).

This certification is a recognized and required industry standard for IT managers worldwide. Students with this certification can begin working in the networking field immediately.

Further information:

Mohammad Tariq Meeran, CISCO lecturer


Tel +372 628 5848