TTÜ IT Kolledž kuulub TTÜ infotehnoloogia teaduskonna koosseisu.


1.       There are three ways for participating the in refresher courses:

1.1   registration to short-term, evening or virtual refresher courses specially designed and directed towards the specialists of different areas. The 2 to 6 academic hour (with short breaks) classes generally take place once or twice a week in the afternoons.

We provide the following public trainings.

a. List of trainings :

1.Hands-on hacking 101, Web Applications security Essentials, Advanced Persistent Threat / Wierless hacking – 5 days, (30 academical hours), lecture – Mehis Hakkaja

2.Defending against common web application attacks, 5 days (30 academical hours), lecture – Margus Ernits

3.Information Security and Cyber Security Policicies  5 days (30 academical hours), lecture –  Paul Leis

4.Router and Switch security, 5 days (30 academical hours), lecture – Truls Ringkjob

 b. Cisco Networking Academy-

1.2 When you order an in-house training from us, it is more efficient and tailor-made to meet your expectations and needs and will help your organisation to achieve the goals.

Following the customr needs, the course planning phases are as follows:

Phase I – planning of the course based on information obtained through assessment and analysis of the training needs

Phase II – preparation of a training plan, place and times of the training, testing of the level of participants, specification of training subjects, volume and practical exercises.

Phase III – conducting of the training according to the prepared training plan. Certificates are issued after training.

Phase IV – we ask feedback from participants and provide consultation during an agreed time.