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Deploying IT infrastructure solution


The Estonian Information Technology College is the coordinating institution of a 2-week intensive course that will be held second time in Estonia at IT College. The IP “Deploying IT infrastructure solution” will take place from 30th of March until 12th April 2014. IP course involves about 35 students and 12 teachers. Students and teachers will take part from Finland, Lithuania, Greece, Sweden, Germany and Estonia.

The program is a part of the European Union’s Lifelong Learning Programme and will focus on deploying IT infrastructure solution (IP-DITS). The name of the project is DITS 2014. The working language is English.

The Erasmus IP “Deploying IT infrastructure solutions“ is for the 2nd and 3rd year students for gaining knowledge and skills on planning, designing and deploying IT infrastructure solutions in the small and mid size companies.

The IP overall objective is to provide the students with a theoretical and practical knowledge of main problems existing in small and mid size companies’ IT infrastructures, implementing the knowledge and skills in developing real-life IT projects during the IP in a multicultural environment.

The further objective is to create a larger understanding in designing and deploying various solutions for IT infrastructure and to create a desire to innovate and develop students for new solutions in this area.

At the beginning of the course an overview of the new technological solutions and existing case-studies of small and mid size companies will be given. The main activity in the program is to design and deploy prototype (proof of concept) IT infrastructure solution for the small size company. Besides the hands-on experience, the students will gain theoretical knowledge of the IT infrastructure solutions life cycle, project management and working in multicultural teams.

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