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Internship in the Cyber Security Engineering curriculum

Internship is a mandatory part of the curriculum and it must be performed before defending the final thesis.

An internship is a fixed time period during which the student is contractually linked to a company or an institution with the aim of meeting the requirements placed on the internship.


The required prerequisite courses must have been completed by the moment of starting the internship.

As an exception, one may begin a four-week long internship without completing the prerequisite courses.

Requirements for the internship

The length of the internship is 15 weeks (full-time, i.e. 40 hours a week). The internship may also be completed part-time, but then the duration of the internship is extended accordingly.

The internship can either be completed at one company as a continuous process or divided up in parts at several companies. The minimum allowed length of one part of the internship is four weeks full-time.

The internship institution must assign a supervisor for the internship period whose job it is to guide and support the intern during the internship process and at the end of the internship to fill the feedback form evaluating the student’s performance.

In the Cyber Security Engineering curriculum, the tasks completed during the internship must involve at least one from this list:

  • administration of an IT infrastructure services, computer network or communications system, operating system or database system and analyzing data security solutions in the internship report based on the internship experience;
  • administration of data security solutions;
  • ensuring the security of information systems;
  • participation in the development project of a database, information system, software, or web application, and analyzing the data security solutions in the internship report based on the internship experience;
  • designing and constructing of a distributed system or a real-time system and analyzing data security solutions in the internship report based on the internship experience;
  • on the subject of another course passed within the curriculum module of Cyber Security.

The conclusion of internship agreements

Before starting the internship, the internship has to be coordinated with the College by completing the following form.

The internship specialist checks the data on the form to to confirm that the planned internship meets the requirements, confirms details, if necessary, and prepares the contract. The contract signed is trilaterally (the student, the College and the internship institution).

In the tripartite internship agreement the parties of the internship, the workload, duration, responsibilities and mutual obligations during the internship are specified. Often, the internship institution will conclude an additional agreement with the student where the mutual obligations of the student and the company are specified and any issues related to remuneration.

Reporting during the internship

During the internship the student is required to document the course of the internship, preparing period summaries. The goal of the period summaries is primarily to provide intermediate summaries to give an overview of the tasks performed and the results achieved, the contribution of the intern to the team and the experience gained.

The period summaries are presented as blog posts (blogspot, wordpress, etc.) and the volume of their content is not limited. Entries regarding internship activities may be made either on a daily basis or for several weeks at a time, whichever is more convenient for a particular person, but the link to the blog must be submitted to the internship specialist for every two weeks.

The blog may be created in private mode so that it can only be read by selected people (e.g. tutor, internship specialist, etc.).

For more information, please contact Riina Tallo, internship specialist (, +372 628 5822).