A three-year study of applied higher education totalling 180 credit points in the European Credit Transfer System, produces a specific vocational qualification equal to a bachelor’s degree. The College’s priority is to train IT field specialists; yet, graduates may choose to pursue their studies at the master’s level at home universities or abroad.

IT Systems Development and IT Systems Administration curriculums can be followed in the daytime study format either in full-time, part-time or external study forms.

Information Systems Analysis and Technical Communication curriculums can be followed in the evening study format in full-time, part-time or external study forms. The evening study format with classes starting at 6 p.m. on business days is targeted at the people who work during the daytime.

Language of Instruction: Estonian, some courses in English

Completing a three-year programme of 180 credit points students acquire a special qualification that corresponds to the Bachelor’s degree and is aimed at working in a specific field. The graduates are able to continue their studies at the Master’s level in Tallinn University of Technology, Tartu University or elsewhere.