The Tiger University

The Nations Support Program for the ICT in Higher Education “Tiger University” was approved by the Estonian Government in January 2002. It’s administration was delegated to the EITF.

The Tiger University Program goals are to:

Support for the development of the ICT infrastructure at higher educational establishments,

Support for the development of ICT academic staff and degree courses’ infrastructure.

The priorities are:

development of ICT infrastructure (upgrading the academic backbones and networks, PC procurements, equipping the labs, providing software),

development of ICT-related curricula (new curricula, creation of study materials, e-University, e-learning, literature and electronic resources),

motivating the academic staff (mentoring PhD students, academic sabbaticals, lecturers’ and PhD students mobility scheme, internships, visiting lecturers).

EITF established a Program Council to coordinate and run the program. Together with the staff it announces the competitions, appoints experts, reviews submissions, is authorised to make allocations, and later monitors and follows up on the results.

Membesr of the Program Council of Tiger University at EITF are :

Alar Tamkivi , Member of the Executive Board, EITF (Chairman)

Jaak Anton, Member of the Council, EITF

Tiit Roosmaa, Representative of the Estonian Rectors’ Conference

Gunnar Valge, Representative of the Estonian Rectors’ Conference

Katrin Niglas , Representative of the Estonian Rectors’ Conference

Urmas Kõlli, Representative of the Association of Estonian Information Technology and Telecommunications Companies

Linnar Viik, ICT expert

The Program was approved by the Government of Estonia on January 8, 2002.