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TalTech IT College Cisco Networking Academy

/So you clicked on this link because you want to enhance your technical professional career. Well you made a wise decision./ Truls T. Ringkob

Why IT College?

Because here at IT college we can offer you five courses that well enhance your technically career that will make your coworkers and professional acquaintances envious.

What do we mean?

Simple first we have the CCNA course which is designed to give the the basic knowledge of designing implementing and managing small to medium sized networks. Or put another way the CCNA course teaches you how the internet works. And when you are finished, you can take the CCNA certification exam that is a world wide certificate that is recognized by companies here in Estonian. And yes with this certificate you can ask for a pay raise!

Second IT college is the only place in the Baltic states you can get your CCNP training. What is my CCNP training you ask?

Well as a Cisco Certified Network Professional you can write your own ticket to your future. Because you will have the knowledge to design implement and manage ISP and Enterprise networks. And there are just not enough of this quality of network professionals on the market. So you can go just about go any were and be employable. And yes even here in little old Estonian the companies do value you for this level of knowledge, and if the don’t, well you simple move.

The CCNP course is made up of three separate courses CCNP route, CCNP switch and CCNP Trouble shooting. All of these courses each have a certification exam, and once you have completed all three of these exams you then have your CCNP certificate.

Then we have the one final course for You. What is that you ask???

Well the CCNA security course. This course ensures you know how to set up a solid secure network using the best practices and implement state of the art equipment to protect your network.

And yes there is also a certificate for this course as well!

Please note all these courses can be found in so other countries and even for shorter time periods to complete. But the cost is at least twice as expensive and even up to four or five times as expensive not to mention the travel costs to get there.

If you are looking to enhance your technical professional career then you have surfed to the correct webpage.

TalTech Information Technology College and of course with a little help from our friends at Cisco :)