TTÜ IT Kolledž kuulub TTÜ infotehnoloogia teaduskonna koosseisu.


CCNP course at Estonian IT college

CCNP Route

Goes into details on routing and goes into extensive detail on OSPF, EIGRP, BGP routing protocols. And in order to work with BGP the course also covers extensively Policy Based Routing here you learn how to configure Route Maps and use Prefix lists. Also how to provide secure access to your remote user community is covered and deploying a working Ipv6 network with in Ipv4 world.

Once you have competed this course you can then take the CCNA Route certification exam .

This is a 16 week course with lecture ever other week and this course is lab intensive.

CCNP Switch

Goes into details on switching and specifically on creating and managing Vlans, how to implement Spanning tree in complex switch environments, understanding how layer 3 switching works, ensuring 100% or as close as possible up time using HSRP or GLBP protocols. Also covered are the fundamental aspect of securing the switch environment. And ensuring you have the network is able to handle advanced services like wireless, VoIP, Qos.

Once you have completed this course you can take the CCNP Switch certification exam.

This is an 8 week course

CCNP Troubleshoot

Goes into the details of troubleshooting using a methodically approach. So first it expliens the models to managing a network then it goes into the details of tools that are regarding to correctly troubleshoot a network. Then to the troubleshooting switches, routing protocol, redistribution, BGP, Security, IP services, VoIP, Ipv6, and details on problems that occur when hardware devices have malfunctioning chips.

Once you have completed this course you can take the CCNP Troubleshoot certification exam.

This is a 16 week course lecture every week. In course is lab intensive.