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CISCO Academy

Cisco Network Academy Program is a world wide partnership between Cisco corporation and academic institutions like IT college. Cisco’s part of the partnership is to provide and the various curriculum’s, online world wide test engine and lab material that are offered through the CNAP program.

Academia institution’s part of the partnership is to provide teachers and learning facilities to teach the students the various curruclums that are offered through the CNAP program.

IT college is the regional academy for this program here in Estonia. And We offer three of the possible curriculum’s through the CNAP program. CCNA, CCNP and CCNA security.

The CCNA crouse is an introductory course designed to educated an individual on the basics of networking. The students are taught the modeled approach to the internet. That is the TCP /IP Model and the OSI model. Then they are taught the basics in configuring, managing and trouble shooting small to medium sized networks. These courses are very interactive for the students.

The interactive aspect of this course is three fold. First the curriculum is a web based online curriculum with flash based examples to bring the network to life. Second there are comprehensive Practical labs that give the students hands on experience on how to configure, mange, and trouble shoot Cisco routers and switches. It should be noted knowledge transfer dose occur when students go to work and have to work with other vendor devices, many of IT colleges graduated students attested to this fact. Third there is new revolutionary game called Aspire. Aspire is Cisco Aspire is an innovative simulation-based learning game that supports Entrepreneurship case studies and allows students to develop entrepreneurial thinking, creative problem solving, and decision making skills through exploratory learning. Cisco Aspire challenges students to apply and practice the business and financial skills introduced in the case studies within simulated networking environments.

The CCNP course is designed to enhance the knowledge obtained in the CCNA course. This course goes in to enterprise and ISP details on configuring, managing and trouble shooting routers and switches.

There are three separate courses for the CCNP course. CCNP Route, CCNP Switch and CCNP Trouble Shooting.

CCNP Routing course focuses on the routing aspect of networking. And goes into detail on EIGRP, OSPF,BGP, Policy based routing, allowing remote users acess to the network and IPV6.

CCNP Switch course focuses on the switching aspects of networking. Goes into details on implementing vlans. Spanning Tree, implementing vlan routing and how layer 3 switching relay works, providing high availability and redundancy with protocols like HSRP and GLBP and details on SNMP, Securing the campus network with port security and DHCP snooping, and how to deploy advance services like WLAN, QoS, VoIP.

CCNP Trouble Shooting course focuses on the art of trouble shooting your network. Goes into details on the how to logically and methodically maintain and troubleshoot networks, provides models for troubleshooting, basics tools you need to troubleshoot networks, identifies unique aspects of the switching environment when troubleshooting, identifies unique aspects of the router environment when troubleshooting, performance issues related to troubleshooting, routing protocols issues related to troubleshooting,

CCNA Security course focuses is on providing the fundamental knowledge and best practices of securing or modern enterprise networks. Topic covered include setting up Authentication, Authorization and accounting services, firewalls, Intrusion protections system. Intrusion detections systems, basics of cryptograph and setting up VPN’s..

All of the courses are designed so when the student completes the course they may pass one of Five certification exams. These exams are CCNA, CCNP and CCNA Security certification exams.

The CCNA or Cisco Certified Network Associate is the first certification exam in the Cisco certifications series of exams. Individuals with this certification known the fundamentals of the networking protocol and are able to design implement and manage small to medium networks.

The CCNP or Cisco Certified Network Professional this certification is made up of three different Exams, Route Switch and Trouble shooting. Once you have passed all three of these exams then you have your CCNP certification. Individuals holding this certification know the in-depth details of the networking protocols and are able to design implement manage ISP or Enterprise networks.

CCNA Security certification is the second certification exam in the Cisco security certification track. Individuals holding this certification know how to ensure that your network is as secure as possible with today’s technology.