TTÜ IT Kolledž kuulub TTÜ infotehnoloogia teaduskonna koosseisu.

Simão Pedro Resende de Oliveira


As I write these words my Erasmus is about to end. It seems like it was yesterday that I decided, after a 10 minutes reflection period, to pack my stuff and head to Tallinn.

“Why Tallinn?”, people have asked me. I guess it’s hard to understand why you should leave sunny Portugal to go to cold and snowy Tallinn. For me, it was about challenging myself, and getting to know a very different culture and different lifestyle.

And so, I discovered a new language that I learned to love, had a cultural shock that I’ll never forget and that helped me grow immensely. And I met people that I’ll never forget, as long as I live. The whole experience broke stereotypes and helped me have a broader vision of the world.

And about Tallinn itself, it will remain as the scenario of five great months of my life, filled with exciting new experiences and a bunch of new friends. I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else.  And as I face the rest of my life, I’m sure Tallinn and Estonia will be unforgettable, as well as the Erasmus period.

Some things in particular will remain forever: the first time I experienced snow; the snow fights; the nights spent with friends; the trips inside and outside Estonia; and so much more.

I’ll always be thankful to the people that helped me settle down in Tallinn, and solving any problems that appeared: everyone in IT Kolledž, in Sisekaitseakadeemia and all my friends, wherever in the world they come from. I’m sure we’ll meet again, sometime, somewhere, somehow.


Simão Pedro Resende de Oliveira from Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal
2008/2009 õa kevadsemestril vahetusüliõpilasena Eesti Infotehnoloogia Kolledžis.